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The Meeting House & Friendship Hall
Seaville Quaker Meeting

Words, thoughts, etc.
As I sit in meditation, I see single women living a nomadic life—women using
wool from their sheep and camel hair from camels, making cheese, and
producing felt for home covering. I feel the desert sun, see the crown shape
of camels in the distance, and smell lanolin from sheep. This isn’t just for me.
I need to experience it and share it—to make a film of Gobi women. In my
meditation, I ask questions. Who? Gobi Women. What? Lifestyle. Where?
Mongolia. When? No answer. Why? No answer. How? No answer. I hold this
in my heart and don’t stop feeling the pull for four years until I hear now. I re-
mortgage my house, send out a fundraising letter, buy a small digital
camcorder, and leave for Mongolia.  
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from Friends Journal - August 2007